Who we are

We are experienced Management System consultants, lead auditors and trainers.

We believe that just knowing the theory isn’t enough. We have walked the walk.
Our experience enables us to have a depth of understanding of the needs and challenges faced by real organisations.

We are advocates of management systems and international standards.

While the international standards we use and promote are generic and universal, we work hard with our clients to make sure the systems we create with them are anything but generic. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not happy to rely on “copy and paste” when building systems or designing training programmes. We want to use and share our experience with our clients to help them to develop, implement and improve processes and systems that are as unique as they are. We specialise in helping our clients to understand, implement and maintain management systems that work for them and add value to their businesses. We keep our eyes open for new technology, tools, software and approaches that can help to minimise the adminstrative effort of managing processes.

We believe the best Management Systems are invisible – “its just the way we do things around here”.

We have worked with international ISO standards for over 20 years. We have a comfortable understanding of them. We can work with you to translate, interpret and apply them to your organisation. Our team of consultants and associate consultants are experts in their chosen fields and passionate about what they do.

We think we are really lucky to have worked with a myriad of organisations, from very large to very small organisations, from start-ups to long-established ones, across a large range of disciplines, and with both public and private sector organisations.